Foundation Firm as House Corporation Plans for Future

Now Is the Time to Reconnect with Pi Kappa Alpha

Upon graduating from Mississippi State University, we all leave Pi Kappa Alpha with high hopes of keeping our fraternal bonds intact. However, we quickly find that many new interests—careers, families, and civic activities—can create valid diversions. The day-to-day activities of life take over and, before long, we fall out of touch and begin to wonder what happened to our brothers. Fortunately, the House Corporation of Gamma Theta Chapter willingly gives its time to help Pike remain strong on the MSU campus.

With this in mind, we have decided produce The Fireman newsletter biannually. This focus will help our members stay in touch and will cultivate awareness and involvement with Gamma Theta. It is important for all brothers to stay informed about the collegiate chapter and what our younger brothers are accomplishing on campus and in the community. While there may be some differences in today’s chapter compared to the one you knew, there is an unbroken chain of Pikes at Mississippi State. In order to preserve that legacy, now is the appropriate time to secure our future at MSU.

Today, perhaps more than ever, college fraternities play a pivotal role in shaping the lives of young men. We all know that Pi Kappa Alpha can provide a solid foundation for young men by offering a small-group living environment and opportunities for high academic achievement and the development of leadership and social skills. As alumni, it is our duty to provide those opportunities for future generations.

Our beloved chapter house has been the heart of our brotherhood for nearly 90 years and has provided a home away from home for generations of Gamma Thetas; however, as the university continues to invest in modern, updated dormitories, the House Corporation must address our need to provide a safe, competitive, and modern facility on the MSU campus.

We recognize these challenges and are dedicated to providing an educationally conducive environment and a modern facility for college men well into the future. So as Gamma Theta continues to send outstanding young men to post-college life, we maintain a solid foundation on Pi Kappa Alpha’s principles housed at 103 Clyde Q Sheely Circle.

Jay Cook ’02
House Corporation President
(662) 418-9605